Pirates of the south - new film coming soon

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Pirates of the south - new film coming soon

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one of our DJ's is involved in this new film coming very soon called pirates of the south

""PIRATES OF THE SOUTH" is an inspiring story of one young woman’s struggle and determination to use her love of music to turn her life around against all the odds. It follows the central character Lana and her quest to overcome social and domestic hurdles and become one of the top DJ's in a male dominated scene!

There has always been a demand for underground music, the next big music scene was born out of the pirate radio stations playing music that the mainstream broadcasters wouldn’t. It was a platform to get your music heard, to gain a following and often a recording deal with major record labels. Pirate radio was born of necessity. Pirates of the south captures the heart of this scene, the trends, the youth culture, the street drama and of course the music!

UK airwaves will never be the same again...

Radio Dream - From The Heart Of Leeds
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